‘When your Neighbor Is a Copper and Gold Mining Enterprise’: An Impact Study of Rich Metals Groups (RMG) on Women’s Lives in Kazreti, Georgia

This research looks at the impact of the activities of the company Rich Metals Group (RMG) on women living in Kazreti borough in Georgia. It specifically looks at the following aspects: women´s labour in the borough; their work in the creation of livelihoods; women working in RMG, their labour terms, health insurance, attitude towards them […]

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‘Like Fish on Land’: Testimonies from People in Uganda and Laos After Being Displaced

This paper looks at four hydropower projects implemented in Laos (Nam
Theun 2 and Nam Ou) and in Uganda (Bujagali and Karuma), describing the resettlement effects on local communities. These effects vary per case, and may include the loss of physical and non-physical assets, including homes, communities, productive land, income earning assets and sources, subsistence, resources, […]

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Unlocking Public Finance for Agroecology: Catalysing the potential of agriculture in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

This publication is a collaboration between eight different partners from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe that shows how agro-ecological practices on the ground contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris objectives and why it is important that these types of practices are more supported To access the publication and case studies, please click […]

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Changing Lives in Kilindi District

Envirocare has been working over the past 10 years with the local government, development partners and local community leaders in Kilindi district in the Tanga region in northern Tanzania to bring lasting changes. This district has been severely affected by a method of farming that burns natural forests for farmland and hunting, rendering them useless.This […]

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Taking Action to Protect Land and Agriculture

For the last two decades, most of the fertile land in Zimbabwe has been subject to land redistribution, male migration and mineral discoveries that have created a rush of speculators with little to no regulation, all of which has put vast pressures on the environment and agricultural production. Women, however, are increasingly coming together to […]

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Ogoni Women Sowing Seeds of Hope

The case study “Seeds of Hope” highlights how the Ogoni women are determined to return their land and rivers to the beautiful, pristine landscape it once was – before decades of oils spills contaminated their soil and water. It shows the results of the work led by Lokiaka Community Development Center through the eyes and […]

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Developing a gender lens to business and human rights: The impact of trade, investment and tax regimes on women

Background document for the round table “Developing a gender lens to business and human rights”, which was held at the 2018 United National Business and Human Rights Forum in November 2018. It was developed jointly by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Oxfam and the Office of the High […]

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GAGGA 2019 ‘We, Women are Water’ Campaign – Postcards

During the month of March, organizations in Latin America, part of the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) joined forces once again to launch the campaign “Las Mujeres Somos Agua” (We, Women, are Water), which aimed to highlight the role of women in the region have when defending their water, the specific impacts […]

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A Guide to Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice Advocacy on International Financial Institutions

The world’s largest public development funders are the taxpayer-supported International Financial Institutions (IFIs). Their mission is to end extreme poverty and foster economic growth, while considering the role that climate change plays in both. However, IFI investments have often had a very different outcome for the poorest people in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). IFIs […]

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Interested in the results of the GAGGA Mid Term Review?

Between May and October 2018, GAGGA conducted a Mid Term Review process, led by Athari Consulting and Advisory Services. This process was highly participatory, with the aim of including the voices, concerns and ideas of all GAGGA actors involved: alliance members, strategic allies, women´s funds, environmental funds, NGOs, grassroots groups as well as external advisors. […]



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