Cast-‘e’ing the Body — Devadasi Self Narratives

  The Devadasi system is a centuries-old Hindu religious practice in India which offers young girls in marriage to deities. These girls usually belong to the Dalit caste — the lowest of India’s social classes — and as ‘servants’ ordained by deities, Devadasis are ritually forced to offer sexual services upon attaining puberty. Devadasis are […]

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Resources for care and activism during COVID-19

A big part of building resilient movements is incorporating collective care and wellbeing practices in our strategies and work. COVID-19 has affected and will continue to impact our communities across the globe and our movement organising. That’s why we’ve compiled resources and tools to support you, your community, organisation and/or movement during these unprecedented times, […]

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The Preservation of Life – Situation of Women Territorial Defenders Against Extractive Activities and Other Forms of Dispossession

To access the publication, please click here (only available in Spanish) Published: November 2019 and updated in April 2020. Organization(s): Colectivo CASA, GAGGA and Red Latinoamericana de Mujeres Defensoras de Derechos Sociales y Ambientales, Region: Latin America

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Women in Action on Mining in Asia (WAMA) Statement for the 2019 United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights

Women in Action on Mining in Asia (WAMA) Consortium statement for the 2019 United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights.  To access the statement, please click here. Published: November 2019 Organization(s): Women in Action on Mining in Asia (WAMA) Region: Asia

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Resource Guide for Monitoring Extractives for Women Environmental and Human Rights Defenders (WEHRDs)

The “Resource Guide for Monitoring Extractives for Women Environmental and Human Rights Defenders (WEHRDs)” serves to support community-based women environmental and human rights defenders (WEHRDs) to conduct basic investigation/monitoring of an impending or actual mining operation in their communities and look at actual or potential negative mining impacts on their communities, with particular attention to […]

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GAGGA 2019 ‘We, Women are Water’ Campaign – Video

During the month of March, organizations in Latin America, part of the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) joined forces once again to launch the campaign “Las Mujeres Somos Agua” (We, Women, are Water), which aimed to highlight: the role of women in the region who have when defending their water; the specific […]

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Women’s Organizations and Climate Finance: Engaging in Processes and Accessing Resources

This resource provides information on possible engagement pathways for organizations to ensure that the four primary public climate funds (the Adaptation Fund, the Climate Investment Funds, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environmental Facility) support women’s organizations, gender-related groups, and feminist organizations working at the intersection of gender equality and climate change. It provides […]

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Our Voices, Our Environment – The State of Funding for Women’s Environmental Action

The impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are not gender neutral and, thus, funding cannot be either. Yet only 0.2 percent of all foundation funding focuses explicitly on women and the environment —a missed opportunity for funders committed to ensuring a healthy environment and equitable world. Our Voices, Our Environment: The State of Funding […]

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Mujeres Diversas – Sembrando Agua, Cosechando Vida

This resource shares the experiences of women and their organizations participating in the first phase of the project Mujeres diversas – Sembrado agua, cosechando vida (Diverse Women – Sowing Water, Harvesting Life), supported by GAGGA (through Both ENDS) and executed by the Centro de Capacitación e Investigación de la Mujer Campesinas de Tarija (CCIMCAT). In a […]

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Women, Rights And Analog Forests

Analog Forestry is an approach to ecological restoration which uses natural forests as guides to create ecologically stable and socio-economically productive landscapes. It is a complex and holistic form of silviculture, which minimizes external inputs, such as agrochemicals and fossil fuels, instead fostering ecological function for resilience and productivity. Analog Forestry values not only ecological […]

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