‘Like Fish on Land’: Testimonies from People in Uganda and Laos After Being Displaced

This paper looks at four hydropower projects implemented in Laos (Nam
Theun 2 and Nam Ou) and in Uganda (Bujagali and Karuma), describing the resettlement effects on local communities. These effects vary per case, and may include the loss of physical and non-physical assets, including homes, communities, productive land, income earning assets and sources, subsistence, resources, cultural sites, social structures, networks and ties, cultural identity and mutual help mechanisms.

In both countries, 
one project is funded by international public banks such as the World Bank 
or European Investment Bank in cooperation with corporate players (Bujagali
and Nam Theun 2). The other project is funded with Chinese state money
 (Karuma and Nam Ou).

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Published: May 2019

Organizaton(s): Both ENDS

Region: Africa and Asia