Report | Womn and water in Africa: An overview of water justice struggles

The Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa) launched its report “Womn** and water in Africa: An overview of water justice struggles” as part of a year-long campaign on water availability for womn in Africa. The report responds to the following questions: what are the root causes of water scarcity? What are the approaches employed by organizations to solve the problem? What is water justice and why is it a feminist issue? What has been the impact of Covid-19 on African womn?

The discourse on water is crucial as water access, affordability and management has proven to be an intersectional issue, undercutting food security, health, sanitation, safety, economic wellness, housing and climate change. Womn are at the receiving end of the political, economic and environmental undercurrents tied to water access and control.

Through this report, UAF-Africa intends to continue to play a huge role in highlighting these water issues through research and support for water justice campaigns that focus on strengthening grassroots mobilization and feminist movement-building.

**UAF-Africa deliberately uses “womn” instead of “women.”