Women Action Towards Economic Development (WATED)

Women Action Towards Economic Development (WATED) is an organisation formed by seven professional women with a keen interest to build, enhance, improve and strengthen women’s entrepreneurship through economic empowerment groups, training women on issues of economic empowerment and leadership; raise awareness on legal, health and self-employment; and empowering girls in schools through conversations. In doing so, we work with local organisations, communities, government authorities, ministries and departments.

We believe in partnership, learning and applying the knowledge to the contexts we work in to bring about the changes for the communities we are working with. We have extended our work to Gender Financing for Climate Change, working on the nexus between women rights and environmental justice. We bring together different actors from grassroots to the national level for conversations, sharing of experiences and building partnerships. 

“Through GAGGA, WATED has has the opportunity to be connected with like minded organisations, learning and sharing experiences, opportunities and courage”.

WATED Website

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