Influencing donors and financial flows

Women’s Organizations and Climate Finance: Engaging in Processes and Accessing Resources

This resource provides information on possible engagement pathways for organizations to ensure that the four primary public climate funds (the Adaptation Fund, the Climate Investment Funds, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environmental Facility) support women’s organizations, gender-related groups, and feminist organizations working at the intersection of gender equality and climate change. It provides […]

Our Voices, Our Environment – The State of Funding for Women’s Environmental Action

The impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are not gender neutral and, thus, funding cannot be either. Yet only 0.2 percent of all foundation funding focuses explicitly on women and the environment —a missed opportunity for funders committed to ensuring a healthy environment and equitable world. Our Voices, Our Environment: The State of Funding […]

‘Like Fish on Land’: Testimonies from People in Uganda and Laos After Being Displaced

This paper looks at four hydropower projects implemented in Laos (Nam
Theun 2 and Nam Ou) and in Uganda (Bujagali and Karuma), describing the resettlement effects on local communities. These effects vary per case, and may include the loss of physical and non-physical assets, including homes, communities, productive land, income earning assets and sources, subsistence, resources, […]

Unlocking Public Finance for Agroecology: Catalysing the potential of agriculture in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

This publication is a collaboration between eight different partners from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe that shows how agro-ecological practices on the ground contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris objectives and why it is important that these types of practices are more supported To access the publication and case studies, please click […]

A Guide to Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice Advocacy on International Financial Institutions

The world’s largest public development funders are the taxpayer-supported International Financial Institutions (IFIs). Their mission is to end extreme poverty and foster economic growth, while considering the role that climate change plays in both. However, IFI investments have often had a very different outcome for the poorest people in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). IFIs […]

Local actors ready to act: Six proposals to improve their access to the Green Climate Fund

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its impact is felt locally. People, government institutions, women’s groups, grassroots organisations and small businesses operating at the local level not only directly experience the on-the- ground effects of climate change, they are also key contributors to context- specific, effective, and sustainable climate actions. It is therefore essential […]



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