Climate Change

Women’s Organizations and Climate Finance: Engaging in Processes and Accessing Resources

This resource provides information on possible engagement pathways for organizations to ensure that the four primary public climate funds (the Adaptation Fund, the Climate Investment Funds, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environmental Facility) support women’s organizations, gender-related groups, and feminist organizations working at the intersection of gender equality and climate change. It provides […]

Mujeres Diversas – Sembrando Agua, Cosechando Vida

This resource shares the experiences of women and their organizations participating in the first phase of the project Mujeres diversas – Sembrado agua, cosechando vida (Diverse Women – Sowing Water, Harvesting Life), supported by GAGGA (through Both ENDS) and executed by the Centro de Capacitación e Investigación de la Mujer Campesinas de Tarija (CCIMCAT). In a […]

Developing a gender lens to business and human rights: The impact of trade, investment and tax regimes on women

Background document for the round table “Developing a gender lens to business and human rights”, which was held at the 2018 United National Business and Human Rights Forum in November 2018. It was developed jointly by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Oxfam and the Office of the High […]

GAGGA 2019 ‘We, Women are Water’ Campaign – Postcards

During the month of March, organizations in Latin America, part of the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) joined forces once again to launch the campaign “Las Mujeres Somos Agua” (We, Women, are Water), which aimed to highlight the role of women in the region have when defending their water, the specific impacts […]

What is ecofeminism and how can it achieve social transformation?

On the 20 and 21 of August, the Bolivian Women´s Fund, Fondo Apthapi Jopueti brought together women from various departments of Bolivia in La Paz to talk about ecofeminisms. There, they described how they, as women, and their communities are affected by the effects of extractivism, mega infrastructure projects and climate change. Furthermore, they found […]

Water, rights and equality

“Water, rights and equality” is a short documentary showing the current situation in Bolivia and how  communities supported by the CASA Socio-Environmental Fund, through the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action, are facing water problems. It was recorded in September 2017, in the department of Santa Cruz. Please note, this video is only available […]

Local actors ready to act: Six proposals to improve their access to the Green Climate Fund

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its impact is felt locally. People, government institutions, women’s groups, grassroots organisations and small businesses operating at the local level not only directly experience the on-the- ground effects of climate change, they are also key contributors to context- specific, effective, and sustainable climate actions. It is therefore essential […]



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