NGO CSW66 Forum event recording | Feminist action for climate justice

What does feminist climate action look like and what does it lead to? At this virtual event co-hosted by Global Greengrants Fund and the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA), grassroots activists shared their lived experiences and recommendations for equitable, just, and sustainable strategies to tackle the most pressing issue of our time. Global Greengrants Fund and GAGGA also formally launched their joint campaign commitment to support these frontline climate solutions alongside the UN Women Generation Equality Forum’s Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition.


  • Trusha Reddy, WoMin, South Africa
  • Semi Lotawa & Sereima Maraivalu, Rise Beyond the Reef, Fiji
  • Danielle Hirsch, Both ENDS (GAGGA alliance member), The Netherlands
  • Juliana Vélez, Foundation for a Just Society, U.S.
  • Laura García, Global Greengrants Fund, U.S.

Graphic designer: Naandeyé Garcia Villegas

Photos: Global Greengrants Fund