GAGGA is hiring a graphic designer

  Terms of Reference  Visual identity and graphic design for the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action BACKGROUND The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) is a grassroots focused, southern led alliance that sets out to strengthen and unify the capabilities of grassroots groups and movements to lobby and advocate with and […]

A message from our executive directors on COVID-19

  “I think that this is a difficult situation for all of us; we are experiencing it from different contexts and situations and places, but it’s in these times that we give a new significance to the word ‘community’ and we claim our right to organize; to give each other a hug as sisters, and […]

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GAGGA voices on COVID-19: Alternative economies

  “Let’s exchange products, seeds, services. We can take care of a neighbor’s elderly relative for a while, or her child, so that she can go out to do another activity in solidarity… Let’s not fall into that logic of confinement and isolation. Because that will not help us to remedy a crisis — on […]

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GAGGA voices on COVID-19: Food sovereignty

  “Now is the time to rethink our systems with a holistic approach, and start promoting policies and practices that lead to [the] planet’s ecological stability, cultivating biodiverse richness in our forests and farms, and thus bringing us health through our food and analog forestry.“                     […]

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GAGGA voices on COVID-19: Human rights

  “The only thing that is clear is what we are experiencing: a state of emergency, with repression, with a lack of constitutional rights, with authoritarianism — for a large part of the population who are living it.“           — Yoseling Guardado, Colectiva Feminista para el Desarrollo Local, El Salvador Women […]

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GAGGA 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, GAGGA continued to support and accompany women environmental defenders and the local, national and international movements  fighting for women’s rights and environmental justice. GAGGA collaborated with 20 national regional and global women’s and environmental justice funds, 44 NGOs and 418 mostly women-led grassroots groups in over 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe (Georgia) […]

In the headlines: “A woman is not meant to stand in the spotlight”

  PUBLISHED IN VICE VERSA | DECEMBER 12, 2019  By Siri Lijfering Although women suffer most from the pollution in the Niger Delta, they are seldom asked how to solve the problem. The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action wants to change that: “Men have been making the decisions here for too long and little […]

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“We, Women are Water” Statement on COVID-19

In the midst of so much uncertainty, we have been able to regain the value of connections, collective care and solidarity. Today, in the face of the crisis caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the urgent need to ensure the human right to water for everyone has become evident. According to data from UNICEF, 40 per […]

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Organizing collectively for resistance: conversations from diverse viewpoints

  Written by Évora Barreiro, Women and Environmental Justice Program Consultant at FCAM   “It wasn’t the place, it was the people. So many stories, colors and struggles, but one shared purpose: to learn from our differences, to strengthen what unites us to defend our lands, the environment and our mother nature.” — Catarina Bernal […]

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We, Women are Water 2020: The young women defending Lake Titicaca

  Lake Titicaca in the Andean highlands is the largest freshwater basin in South America. It represents a source of life, resources and identity for those who live and resist alongside it. Around 10% of the Bolivian population lives on the banks of this valuable natural space. The lake is sacred to the Inca people, […]

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