Our members

GAGGA was launched in 2016 as a consortium led by Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, based in Central America, in collaboration with Mama Cash and Both ENDS, both based in the Netherlands. It is also a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands under their Power of Voices programme. GAGGA partners with WEDO, 350.org, Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) and Prospera – International Network of Women Funds, as strategic allies, to develop and offer insights into the importance of resourcing women’s rights and climate justice.

Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM) is a feminist organization that works for a Central America where girls, women, and trans and non-binary people actively participate in the creation of favorable environments for their lives and the lives of other people and communities.

Together with the organizations and movements with whom we work, we contribute to the generation of profound changes in society, so that girls, women, and trans and non-binary people can enjoy a dignified and full life, in communities that put the human rights of all at the center.

Both ENDS is an independent non-governmental organisation that works towards a sustainable future for our planet. Both ENDS does this by identifying and strengthening civil society organisations, mostly in the “Global South,” that come up with sustainable and fair solutions for environmental and human rights issues.

Building on such effective alternatives, they create and support strategic networks capable of promoting social-environmental interests. At the same time, Both ENDS directly influences policies on national and international levels to bring about a sustainable systems change.

Since the establishment of the organization in 1986, Both ENDS has supported many hundreds of environmental and human rights organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mama Cash was conceived around a kitchen table in Amsterdam in 1983. Since then, Mama Cash has grown from a group of five feminist activists into an international fund that supports women’s, girls’, trans and intersex people’s movements around the world. Mama Cash funds and supports self-led groups that work at local,

national and international levels, by educating, advocating, breaking down sexist stereotypes and building cultures of peace, justice and respect. Since they began, Mama Cash has pursued the vision that every woman, girl, trans and intersex person has the power and resources to participate fully and equally in creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Today, Mama Cash works together with activists, organisations, funders and supporters to strengthen collective action to defend, promote and advance the human rights of women, girls, trans and intersex people.

Mama Cash raises funds from individuals, corporations, foundations and governments. With this money, they provide both financial and non-financial support to women’s, girls’, trans  and intersex rights organisations worldwide. They also use their unique position as a feminist grant maker to influence other donors to give more money to women’s and girls’ rights internationally.