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Green backdrops with faint leaves in the background. At the bottom is images of people raising their fists on resistance and joy un front of plants. Text on the image reads, "women on the frontlines of extractivism: how funders can support women environemntal defenders - by katrina anderson and mary jane real"

Women on the Frontlines of Extractivism: How Funders Can Support Women Environmental Defenders

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new report, “Women on the Frontlines of Extractivism: How funders can…

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Women within the Context of Agricultural Extractivism: Voices of Women Land Defenders in Central America

How does agricultural extractivism affect ecosystems, communities, and women specifically? What are women defenders and their communities doing to guarantee…

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Image of a women potting a plant. The text on the image reads, "Annual Narrative Report - Women Leading Climate Action, January - December 2022"

2022 Annual Report

In 2022, the second year of the ‘Women Leading Climate Action’ programme, GAGGA has made significant progress and achieved remarkable…

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Climate finance is only effective when it is gender just. Read our Call to Action for COP27

The key role of women in climate action and the relationship between achieving gender equality and climate outcomes is widely…

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2021 Annual Report

The year 2021 marked the first of GAGGA’s new ‘Women Leading Climate Action’ programme, which builds on the results and…

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Report | Critical approaches to gender in mountain ecosystems

Women play a key role in nature conservation, yet they often lack the inputs, technologies, training and extension services, and…

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NGO CSW66 Forum event recording | Feminist action for climate justice

What does feminist climate action look like and what does it lead to? At this virtual event co-hosted by Global…

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Report | Mighty Women

The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) and Fundo Casa Socioambiental celebrated their first five years of partnership…

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NGO CSW66 Forum event recording | Structural violence: Learning from women and girl environmental defenders

In their efforts to defend their land, territories and natural resources, women and girl environmental defenders* (WGEDs) around the world…

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