NGO CSW66 Forum event recording | Structural violence: Learning from women and girl environmental defenders

In their efforts to defend their land, territories and natural resources, women and girl environmental defenders* (WGEDs) around the world are experiencing diverse forms of structural violence. The violence they experience ranges from the physical to the spiritual. From dislocation and dispossession, to harassment and defamation. From sexual and domestic violence to kidnapping and murder.

In 2021, the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) consulted with WGEDs around the globe about their understanding and experiences of structural violence, which resulted in this publication. GAGGA also held an NGO CSW Forum virtual event in March 2022 to delve deeper into the findings from this mapping, and together with funders, civil society organizations, and defenders, strategize to better support this group of defenders.


  • María del Carmen García Jimenez, Escuela para Defensoras en Derechos Humanos y Ambientales, Mexico
  • Lipi Rahman, Badabon Sangho, Bangladesh
  • Joy Munthali, Green Girls Platform, Malawi
  • Bhanumathi Kalluri, Dhaatri Resource Centre for Women and Child’s Rights, Women in Action Against Mining in Asia (WAMA), India
  • Alejandra Helbein, Fondo Acción Urgente Latino America y el Caribe, Colombia
  • Ximena Warnaars, Ford Foundation, U.S.

         Moderator: Maite Smet, Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action

You can find the bios of the speakers here.

* When using the term women and girl environmental defenders (WGEDs), GAGGA includes women, girls, intersex, trans and non-binary people.

Graphic designer: Naandeyé Garcia Villegas