GAGGA Voices On COVID-19

Across the GAGGA network, we’re experiencing how COVID-19 is deepening existing conflict and worsening scarcities, affecting our communities and the way we organise. In over 60 audio recordings, our partners in Latin America, Asia and Africa shared similar challenges of repression, exclusion, violence and food insecurity exacerbated by the pandemic.

These voices from across communities around the world also show how we’re adapting and reacting to these new realities — exemplifying how women lead in times of crisis, centered on solidarity and collective care. GAGGA partners have been gathering to exchange food items and services, shop collectively, make protective equipment, provide financial support to the most vulnerable, disseminate information, and restore and strengthen food production systems that provide traditional medicine and healthy food.

There is an urgent need to assure that all voices have a place in the conversations on the short and medium-term responses to this crisis, including  that of young, indigenous, afro-descendant and rural women, to allow for a new future to emerge.