Women Leading Climate Action

The climate crisis is a global challenge that demands transformational change; structural shifts in the predominant economic system based on extraction and unlimited growth, towards a society that prioritizes the planet and all its people. To get there and achieve genuine transformation, we need to bring together the power of people and their movements.

Since 2016, GAGGA has set out to strengthen and link women’s rights, environmental and climate justice movements to pursue collaborative lobby and advocacy work at local, national, regional, and global levels. Through our work, we have been able to put resources into the hands of those who have enormous potential to change their and their communities’ situations.

The women and organizations we work with have shown that responses to climate change will only be effective if they are tailored to local realities and support the leadership, ambitions and needs of women; are led by communities and movements; and concurrently challenge and dismantle systems of patriarchy, capitalism, racism and neocolonialism.

Together, these powerful women-led movements have been able to effectively pressure governments, investors, and donors to act to prevent and avert the worst effects of the climate crisis and to support viable women-led climate approaches. In this newsletter, we highlight some of these actions and advocacy efforts that are supported by GAGGA. Scroll down to hear their stories.