Ecological restoration/protection (including biodiversity)

Women, Rights And Analog Forests

Analog Forestry is an approach to ecological restoration which uses natural forests as guides to create ecologically stable and socio-economically productive landscapes. It is a complex and holistic form of silviculture, which minimizes external inputs, such as agrochemicals and fossil fuels, instead fostering ecological function for resilience and productivity. Analog Forestry values not only ecological […]

Unlocking Public Finance for Agroecology: Catalysing the potential of agriculture in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

This publication is a collaboration between eight different partners from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe that shows how agro-ecological practices on the ground contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris objectives and why it is important that these types of practices are more supported To access the publication and case studies, please click […]

Changing Lives in Kilindi District

Envirocare has been working over the past 10 years with the local government, development partners and local community leaders in Kilindi district in the Tanga region in northern Tanzania to bring lasting changes. This district has been severely affected by a method of farming that burns natural forests for farmland and hunting, rendering them useless.This […]

Analog Forestry: A Tool and an Approach for Ecological Restoration

We know the main issues we are facing on our planet. We have lost half of our forest – the source of our existence. Forests provide air, fresh water, wildlife, fuel, timber, the best soil, nutrients, and food. If current trends of soil depletion continue according to UN reports (2014)* we are sixty years harvests […]

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