Defenders of the planet: Guide of state obligations for their protection

Environmental defenders play an essential role in caring for the common good of all humanity: the environment. They are also vital to combatting climate change. Due to their important role in protecting this intergenerational asset and due to the ever-deepening security risks they face, the international community has recognized a series of state obligations to guarantee the necessary protection of defenders, and its tool of defense: the right to defend rights.

In this series of publications, AIDA, with the support of the Mott Foundation, seeks to clarify and promote the states’ obligations regarding the protection of these people, particularly on the American continent. In this way, we hope to contribute to the creation of a safe and constructive environment for their work, as well as to highlight urgent issues and problems that deserve the priority attention of the states of the continent.

You can read and download the following chapters below in Spanish:

  1. Duty of protection: The obligation to adopt protection standards
  2. Impunity and access to justice: The obligation to investigate, prosecute and punish human rights violations
  3. Gender and environment: Obligations related to women defenders
  4. Indigenous peoples and the environment: Obligations related to Indigenous defenders
  5. Megaprojects and defenders: Obligations related to large-scale development projects
  6. Companies and financial institutions: Obligations related to business activities, financing and human rights
  7. Healthy environment: Obligations related to defenders within the framework of the right to a healthy environment
  8. Children who defend the environment: Obligations related to defenders within the framework of the rights of girls and boys