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In the headlines: Environmental defenders voice concerns as COVID-19 crisis deepens

Activists have raised concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic is having an acute impact on women and their access to water…

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GAGGA voices on COVID-19: Alternative economies

  “Let’s exchange products, seeds, services. We can take care of a neighbor’s elderly relative for a while, or her…

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GAGGA voices on COVID-19: Food sovereignty

  “Now is the time to rethink our systems with a holistic approach, and start promoting policies and practices that…

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GAGGA voices on COVID-19: Human rights

  “The only thing that is clear is what we are experiencing: a state of emergency, with repression, with a…

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GAGGA Newsletter #4: The Confluence of Women and Water

Across the globe, women are intensely involved in the provision, management, restoration and safeguarding of water resources. Based on their…

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Keystone Foundation

Actor: Environmental Fund | Region: Asia Keystone Foundation works towards eco-development, balancing ecology and economy. We work with indigenous people…

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Indonesia Water Community of Practice (IndoWater CoP)

Actor: NGO | Region: Asia Indonesia Water Community of Practice (IndoWater CoP) is a consortium of 6 partners, which consist…

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CEE Bankwatch

Actor: NGO | Region: Asia Bankwatch is the largest network of grassroots, environmental and human rights groups in central and…

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Unnayan Onneshan

Actor: NGO | Region: Asia The Unnayan Onneshan is an independent multidisciplinary think-tank, which contributes towards searching for solutions to…

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