Welcoming María Paula Rojas As GAGGA’s Programs Assistant!

Picture of Maria Paula Rojas against a dark green-blueish background. The text on the image in white reads, "welcoming Maria Paula Rojas, GAGGA's Programs Assistant"

María Paula Rojas is a Costa Rican queer feminist with a degree in international relations and a specialization in international cooperation.

Among her main interests is working on projects for the development of rural communities and the development of educational and training activities for vulnerable populations. Before joining GAGGA, Paula worked for different international organizations and NGOs, such as the United Nations Development Program, the GIZ and the Central American Institute of Public Administration, where she developed functions related to the implementation and drafting of international cooperation and development projects in the areas of marine protection, adequate waste management and empowerment of coastal communities.

In her free time you can find her reading, playing with her cats or looking for new restaurants and dishes to try.

You can connect with Paula at asistentegagga@fondocentroamericano.org or follow her work here.

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