What is ecofeminism and how can it achieve social transformation?

On the 20 and 21 of August, the Bolivian Women´s Fund, Fondo Apthapi Jopueti brought together women from various departments of Bolivia in La Paz to talk about ecofeminisms. There, they described how they, as women, and their communities are affected by the effects of extractivism, mega infrastructure projects and climate change. Furthermore, they found joint solutions from the position of those who have the capacity to make sure change happens: the organized women.

As a part of this workshop, Elizabeth Peredo Beltrán presented and talked about the conceptualization of ecofeminism. This video is the recording of this presentation.Please note this video is only available in Spanish.

Published: August 2018

Organization(s): Fondo Apthaphi Jopueti

Region: Latin America