Women’s Access to Land and Agriculture in Mining Affected Communities and Current Advocacy Initiatives

The West Africa Advisory Board of Global Greengrants Funds (GGF) commissioned this study to improve understanding of how women living in mining affected areas of Burkina Faso are affected by mining, how they are already advocating for a safe environment, sustainable agriculture, and greater access to land and clean water, and what wider advocacy movements exist that might be of interest to the groups. The study was funded by the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA), a grantmaking partnership funded by the Dutch government through a consortium of grantmaking partners, including the West Africa Advisory Board of Global Greengrants Fund.
Date Published: August 2017
Authors: Research and report by Napina Odette Toé. Executive Summary compiled by Nancy Billica. Research commissioned by Allison Davis and Flore Sindogo.
Organisation: Global Greengrants Fund
Region: Africa