A Guide to Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice Advocacy on International Financial Institutions

The world’s largest public development funders are the taxpayer-supported International Financial Institutions (IFIs). Their mission is to end extreme poverty and foster economic growth, while considering the role that climate change plays in both. However, IFI investments have often had a very different outcome for the poorest people in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). IFIs have invested billions of dollars in extractive industries such as coal mines and plants, oil and gas pipelines, as well as in large infrastructure and other projects that harm women’s and men’s health and environment and that undermine their rights.

This guide serves to inform the partners of GAGGA as well as other women’s rights campaigners who are still relatively new to the work of holding IFIs accountable. The guide starts off with basic information about IFIs and a summary of the L&A directed at the IFIs since the early 1980s. Section 2 discusses the gender policies of the World Bank and other IFIs and their lack of focus on women’s rights. In section 3, the implementation of these policies is discussed by highlighting cases that concern GAGGA’s priority areas. Section 4 provides conclusions and recommendations.

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Published: December 2018

Organization(s): Both ENDS and Gender Action

Region: Global