International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN)

Actor: NGO | Region: Latin America

Analog Forestry is a system of ecological restoration that focuses on increasing biodiversity by imitating natural forest systems in order to create economically productive and environmentally mature forests. The methodology is based on traditional forest gardens, which are human-created analogs of the natural forest that serves needs such as food, fiber, timber, medicine and water.

Vision: The restoration of the life support systems of the planet through improved economic opportunities for rural populations.

Mission: Promote the application and appreciation of the techniques of analog forestry as a critical component of a new rural development paradigm.

The International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) was founded to become the center connecting dots between partner organisations, training centers, trainers, community practitioners and women who are implementing the methodology around the world.

What we do:

Capacity building: through our network of trainers, we cooperate with local farmers’ groups, women’s organizations, agricultural and forestry technicians, and political decision-makers. Our trainings are based on the theory and practice of analog forestry for sustainable community development.

Demonstration sites: these act as the seeds of restoration, as they give an example of analog forestry in a local context.

Certification: IAFN is the Standard holder for Forest Garden Products certification, which allows sustainable forest products to reach a value- added market. We also work with local organizations devoted to Participatory Guarantee Systems.

Knowledge management: the experiences of our network partners is a valuable resource, and one of the roles IAFN plays is to share these experiences, lessons learned, and research from around the world.

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