Welcome Co-Coordinators GAGGA Alliance

Maureen Douabou, is starting to work for GAGGA as Linking and Learning Co-Coordinator. She is a multilingual passionate feminist who chose to dedicate her life and work to the rights of women, especially those facing multiple discriminations.  She has collaborated with feminist organizations all around the world. With a master’s degree in Humanitarian Action and NGO and a master’s degree dissertation written on the topic of African and Afrobrazilian feminism, she is committed to the ideas of liberation for all and decolonization. She is also a visual artist, a writer and a filmmaker and her passion for social justice permeates every aspect of her work. She believes massively in the power of local individuals and communities to enact positive change and it has been her mission to provide proactive people with the tools and support they need to make change.

Noemi Grütter, is starting to work for GAGGA as Advocacy and Collaborations Co-Coordinator. She has a Master Degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action and an Advanced Certification in Gender Studies from PSIA Sciences Po Paris and a Bachelor Degree in International Relations (International Politics and Law) from the University of Geneva. She is a passionate intersectional feminist working with participative and justice based approaches and is formed in applying a trauma sensitize approach with victims of human rights violations. She worked for several international NGOs such as a Women’s Rights and LGBTIQ Coordinator for Amnesty International, for Equipop, an organization specialized in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Western Africa or for the feminist politics, culture and arts Festival Les Créatives. Before joining GAGGA she was working in Rwanda for UNFPA where she worked on the intersection of climate change and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Apparat from that she is the co-president of Santé Sexuelle Suisse, the umbrella organization for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Switzerland (member of International Planned Parenthood Federation) and she is one of the Women Deliver Young Leaders. Next to her professions within the Gender Justice sector she has been a dance teacher in many projects with youth and adolescents and developed dance projects in refugee camps in Greece, Colombia, Bolivia and Switzerland. Moreover, she is a DJ who is spreading feminist messages with her music. She is very keen to learn from the GAGGA members and to work with them intensively for gender just climate solutions.

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