2018 GAGGA Global Meeting

From the 10th to the 12th of December, 2018, GAGGA hosted the 2018 Global Meeting, bringing together 50 representatives of partner organizations from across the globe. This was a space to share and build on the Mid Term Review (MTR) findings (finalized in September 2019), partners’ cases and experiences in working on the nexus of women’s rights and environmental justice, and for collective learning.

During the meeting, we intentionally focused on the four GAGGA priority themes that partners work, as identified by the MTR. This included sustainable natural resources use and rights – water, land, forest; extractives and agroindustry; large scale infrastructure; and climate change. We did this as a way to bring into the discussion more practical knowledge and experiences on what it has meant for partners to work on women’s rights in relation to these themes, as institutions but also with partners, and also see what are possible ways forward as the GAGGA collective.

During the meeting, we were accompanied by Reilly Dow from On The Right Mind, who created a graphic recording of the discussions on each day. Below are some of these recordings.

From the MTR and partners’ experiences: What do we mean by the intersection of women´s rights and environment and cross-movement collaboration?

Moving forward: Lessons learned and recommendations for the future

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