2018 – GAGGA Mid Term Review

2018 is an important year for the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA), as it marks the mid-term period of the five-year programme. As such, GAGGA is taking forward a mid term review (MTR) process to assess the progress made at the mid-point of GAGGA’s programme implementation and to identify the significant factors that are facilitating or impeding the delivery of expected results and moving towards achieving GAGGA´s five-year goals.

This MTR aims to be a collaborative approach between GAGGA alliance members, partners (incl. women´s funds, environmental funds, NGOs and grassroots groups), strategic allies, as well as other key actors, with the intention of facilitating cross-learning and capacity strengthening for all throughout the process. A key component will be the regional meetings, where we aim to work together with partners to:

  • Stocktake and understand current capacity building and L&A needs for women´s rights and environmental justice at the regional level after 2.5 years of programme implementation; 
  • Discuss lessons learned on capacity building, direct L&A as well as alliance building and collaboration.

From this process, we hope to obtain lessons learned and actionable recommendations for the future implementation of the programme, specifically on on-going and planned activities.

We will be working with Athari Advisory Services, led by Natalia Ortiz, a learning, monitoring and evaluation-focused specialist from Colombia, and supported by Mine Pabari (Kenya), Alejandro Imbach (Colombia) and Chatwut Wangwon (Noi) (Thailand). The team has a wealth of experience in mixed method participatory approaches to evaluation, have worked extensively on women’s rights and environmental justice as well as directly with grassroots groups and NGOs in the three regions. Collectively the team speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

During the coming weeks, the GAGGA Coordinator together with the MTR team will be reaching out to you: GAGGA members, partners, strategic allies and other key actors, inviting you to provide further information, if and when possible.

We look forward to the process and to your participation and inputs!

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