Women in El Salvador are ensuring the recognition of water as a human right

  In the municipality of Suchitoto, in El Salvador, women are playing a key role in water management and water rights. Like many municipalities in the region, Suchitoto is affected by indiscriminate logging, forest fires, contamination of water sources, excessive use of agrochemicals and extractive operations that put the quality and sustainability of water resources […]

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Women farmers fight for clean water and hazardous waste clean-up in Lakardowo, Indonesia

Litter and industrial wastewater are inundating Indonesia’s rivers, contaminating the primary source of both water and subsistence for millions of people in the country. Industrial factories line the river banks, where they have easy access to river water for use in production processes, as well as for disposal of industrial wastewater. Although dumping of wastewater […]

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Women at the Frontlines Against Destructive Dams

  What does a just and clean energy system look like? There are a lot of exciting possibilities, but one thing is clear: it does not include the wholesale destruction of a river ecosystem. It does not involve taking away women’s land, water and livelihoods, and forcing them to relocate. It does not mean severing […]

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Defending the rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Mother Earth is considered a living being with rights by the indigenous communities. This ancestral vision has allowed indigenous families to pass on fertile lands, a home and a future from generation to generation, but this way of living has been forcefully changed by the extractives industry. Now the mining concessions that the […]

The women of Bomboré “simply do not want a mine”

Sixteen years ago in Burkina Faso, mining industries didn’t exist; the first big mining project, which was operated by the state, closed down in 1994 due to administrative problems. It wasn’t until 2003, when a new mining code was approved, that different investors in the extractives industry became attracted to the potential of the African […]

The women of Aroroy fight to be heard

For the people of Aroroy, in the Masbate province 350km southeast of Manila in the Philippines, “to be sitting in a pot of gold”, is not a blessing. The province’s mineral wealth has not translated into better conditions for the communities in the region, consistently among the poorest regions of the country. Filminera Resources Corporation […]

The Bajo Aguán Conflict

The environmental conflict in Bajo Aguán, Honduras, has been active for many years. Honduras is a country that has a vast reserve of natural resources, but the majority of these resources are in the hands of only three powerful landowners, leaving farmer families in poverty, without land, without work and without food. To the problem […]

The Women from Marina Cué: resistance and empowerment in Paraguay

The women from Marina Cué are an example of resistance. Through their advocacy efforts, they were able to push for the release of their comrades incarcerated for the Curuguaty massacre. They carried out the construction of a pluri-grade school and a road, and organized a community garden, among other productive activities in the Marina Cué […]

Sendou: where environmental justice and women’s rights come together

A coal-fired power plant that threatens to endanger the survival of communities and specially fisherwomen in Bargny, Senegal, managed to unite two organizations in the fight for the environment and women’s rights. A coal-fired power plant that has been built in the small village of Sendou, in the city of Bargny, Senegal, is threatening the […]



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