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We, Women are Water 2020: The young women defending Lake Titicaca

  Lake Titicaca in the Andean highlands is the largest freshwater basin in South America. It represents a source of…

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We, Women are Water 2020: Fighting the impacts of sugarcane monoculture in Honduras

  The southern wetlands of Honduras along coastal areas in the Gulf of Fonseca is the 1000th “Ramsar” site, meaning…

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We, Women are Water 2020: Ixquisis women defend their rivers

  The micro-region of Ixquisis, in the north of the region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, has been inhabited by indigenous Mayan…

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GAGGA Newsletter #4: The Confluence of Women and Water

Across the globe, women are intensely involved in the provision, management, restoration and safeguarding of water resources. Based on their…

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Women in El Salvador are ensuring the recognition of water as a human right

  In the municipality of Suchitoto, in El Salvador, women are playing a key role in water management and water…

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Women farmers fight for clean water and hazardous waste clean-up in Lakardowo, Indonesia

Litter and industrial wastewater are inundating Indonesia’s rivers, contaminating the primary source of both water and subsistence for millions of…

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Women at the Frontlines Against Destructive Dams

  What does a just and clean energy system look like? There are a lot of exciting possibilities, but one…

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