GAGGA launches 2020 “We, Women are Water” campaign

On the 13th of March the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) will launch the “We, Women are Water” campaign to highlight the role of Latin American women in the fight for and the defense of a common good vital to life: water.

GAGGA is an alliance of women’s funds, socio-environmental funds, non-governmental organizations and grassroots groups that work together to connect and coordinate women’s rights with environmental justice in order to drive forward the work of women who defend land rights and common goods in the Latin American region.

For the fourth consecutive year the organizations that make up the GAGGA- Latin America Alliance are joining forces to promote this campaign, running between International Women’s Day (8th March) and World Water Day (22nd March).

Our purpose is to recognize the role and leadership of Latin American women in defending and protecting water, and to bring to light the impacts that women in particular suffer due to the exploitation and contamination of this common good.

From the 13th to the 27th of March, we will share representative cases from various countries in which women have become protagonists in the fight for the defense, conservation and management of water.

Through this joint action, we aim to influence the agendas of local, national and regional actors to prioritize the right to water while incorporating the demands and needs of women in a tangible way. This means including women’s proposals for guaranteeing sustainable water access, management and governance

Get involved, share and help us let the world see the realities of women environmental defenders in Latin America.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the following hashtags:

#GAGGA  #LasMujeresSomosAgua   #WeWomenAreWater  #NoDejarNadieAtrás   #LeaveNobodyBehind  #DefensorasAmbientales   #EnvironmentalDefenders  #AGENDA2030

For more information about the campaign you can contact:

María Estelí González Castillo,

Nicolás Francisco Avellaneda,


You can find all the 2020 campaign cases here:

Chimpu Warmi in Lake Poopó, Bolivia

The Feminist Collective in Suchitoto, El Salvador

OMMI provides safe water in the Paraguayan Chaco

Ixquisis women defend their rivers in Guatemala

Fighting the impacts of sugarcane monoculture in Honduras

Bogotá’s El Burro wetlands in the ¨land of water¨

We the Challapata women of Bolivia resist, defending our water

The Guapinol women challenging mining extractivism in Honduras

Network of Community Environmentalists in El Salvador

Women for the Rivers of Life in Bolivia

Rebels from Bañado Sur, Paraguay

Mountain Woman in Cordillera Real, Bolivia

The young women defending Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

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